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Our range of Modular Wall Systems products

With our product range we have the best suitable solutions for your project. Our products are made for outside, insite, long term or short term constructions. Our Modular Wall Systems, E-Wall, HoardingFast PVC, Fast Wall, Fast Wall Premium and Hoardfence are easy to install, strong, reusable and recyclable. For more information about our systems click on the subject in the dropdown menu under products.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Minimising the impact to our clean and green environment remains a top item on our corporate agenda. Key factors to consider when specifying your hoarding system are sustainability, product lifecycle and disposal.

Has the hoarding been produced from a sustainable or recycled material? Can the hoarding be re-used on future projects? Can the hoarding be recycled at the end of its useful life?

Our best selling Hoardfast PVC system is made from 85% recycled plastic content. It can be re-used many times from site to site, and finally, recycled at the end of its useful life.

Hoardfast systems minimise the impact of your construction operation by reducing noise levels, minimising temperature loss and containing dust or other airborne contaminants.

As part of our commitment, we are constantly developing ways to offer environmentally friendly solutions. All our systems are made from lightweight materials which helps to reduce transport costs, compared with bulky and heavy timber hoardings.

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